Our Garlic

Smoked Garlic

We firstly peel the bulbs to allow the smoke to penetrate into the cloves.  We then smoke the bulbs for approximately  24 hours to create the perfect taste every time.

Our garlic is  sourced from different locations depending on the season. We also grow our own.

Smoked garlic offers amazing flavours when roasted!




Black Garlic 

(a new superfood)


It is believed that many properties of black garlic are: Antibiotic, antiseptic, increases the defences, twice the antioxidant of normal garlic, energising, invigorating, contains 18 amino acids, low in fat, no pungent odour.

Black garlic is a type of caramelised garlic used as a food ingredient. It is made by heating whole bulbs of garlic over the course of several weeks.

Black garlic’s complex flavor has become a sought-after ingredient used in high-end cuisine.It instantly brings a new depth of flavour to the dishes you already love, and can also inspire new recipes of its own.

The taste is sweet and syrupy with hints of balsamic vinegar or even tamarind.

Bee Pollen



 These little tiny grains of pollen are made by honeybees. Produced from multiple wildflowers, bee pollen alone is considered to be one of nature’s most nourishing foods and a great natural suppliment. It contains almost every nutrient needed by humans. Bee pollen is very rich in protein (higher than most meats!) and contains amino acids, vitamins, including B-complex and folic acid.

So how can you add this to your diet?


  • Use granules as a topping over yogurt or cereal

  • Add ground bee pollen to cooling homemade granola while it is still moist and sticky.

  • Blend ground pollen or granules into a smoothie

  • Incorporate into raw protein bars, raw desserts or candies

  • Sprinkle granules directly over salad

  • Incorporate ground pollen into salad dressing such as a honey mustard

  • Sprinkle ground pollen over popcorn

  • Use granules as a garnish on top of dark chocolate

  • Use ground pollen as a coating for sugared almonds or hazelnuts

  • Toast whole wheat bread, smear with chocolate hazelnut spread and sprinkle with bee pollen granules.




This is the rawest form of honey you can ever have.

If you can get away without eating it straight out of the tub why not try it on toast, broken up into your  porridge and salads or even over ice cream, the possibilities are endless. 

Just looking at it makes your mouth water!!

Cannabis Tea

CBD Rich Cannabis Tea. (Lab tested, 100% organic and less than 0.2% THC)
A cup of Body and Mind Botanical's Cannabis Tea has been shown to help people relax and unwind in the evening. It is also a fantastic was to start the day the right way.

A cup of tea can be taken in place of your usual CBD dose.

We use the best selection of buds and leaves to ensure our tea tastes delicious and provides strong CBD.

Our strain of cannabis is high in CBD and contains below the legal maximum of THC (0.2%).

Our cannabis plants are carefully cultivated in the beautiful Baltic region by fully EU regulated family based farmers.

The Brew:

Beautiful aromatic natural flavourings brought to life in 90 oC water. Brew 1 pinch spoon of tea into a medium size mug for 20mins minutes before drinking and leave the leaves in for the duration of the drink. Many of our customers prefer to use a tea strainer and some like to mix with a flavoured green tea / fruit tea.

15g's of Organic Cannabis Sativa buds and leaves, which is approximately 10 cups of tea. Leaves can be re-brewed but will lose flavour and usefulness eventually.


Consult your GP before taking dietary supplements. It is advised to leave a two hour gap between CBD and medication. For medication that carries a grapefruit warning, a four hour gap is advised.

Do not consume if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Typical daily dose: 1-2 cups per day